Ace of Swords — meanings in tarot card readings

The Ace of Swords card has a hand appearing from the cloud that symbolizes the divine gift. A hand holds a noble sword, which means wisdom and intelligence. Its tip holds a crown with dangling branches, which symbolizes victory and success. Generally, the card foreshadows the triumph of its owner. However, you should pay attention to the background, which has a large number of mountains, which mean the obstacles in your way. Mental patience and peace of mind will help you walk the path easily and with minimal damage.

General card interpretation


The Ace of Swords talks about new energy in the form of a fresh look or idea. Your thoughts lead you to the realization of a topic that interests you or help you open your eyes. The card shows that you have come to a way of overcoming difficulties that have long troubled you. Now, you are ready to receive new knowledge and inspiration. Creative ideas and new opportunities are coming to you.

The card is a symbol of intelligence. If the Ace of Swords appears, expect a new project or job where you can show your brainpower. Perhaps you are already at the initial stage of your journey, and this Ace gives you the motivation for success. Remember that no path can do without difficulties, and yours is no exception. Keep mental calm. Your future assignments may require speaking and communication skills. Attend special courses to understand the basics of public speeches better and learn how to persuade people.

All Swords cards mean power. However, it is worth remembering that power, like a sword, can help and hurt too. The card is recommended to send energy in a positive direction instead of selfish actions. With power comes responsibility. Use both heart and mind to control the situation and get only the benefits. The Ace of Swords also symbolizes the struggle for justice. You may find yourself protecting the rights of others. You are ready to fight and have serious arguments to defend your views.


Reversed position means that you have your own unique perspective on things but don’t share it yet. You have not fully understood your thoughts, motives and do not have a plan of action. Perhaps you are not sure at all that this idea is worthy of your attention and energy as it can be another failure. It really may not bring a positive result. Give yourself time to think about all the options for implementation, the chances of success and the need to “give birth” to your idea at the beginning. The best way to think is in a relaxed atmosphere or during meditations.

The card in a reversed position brings negative news that your plans and goals may not materialize or you may not receive desired results. A possible reason for this is uncleanness of your mind. You ignore relevant information and concentrate on unnecessary facts that prevent you from making a rational decision. You overdo it with the search for justice and do not notice the reality.

Alternatively, you have a lot of ideas in your head and don’t know what to choose. Your uncertainty keeps you inactive. The Ace of Swords reversed recommends spending time and making a plan of your life with clearly defined goals. Be based on the most necessary needs. Approve those ideas and thoughts that are suitable for achieving the desired and reject those that only waste your time.

Ace of Swords meaning for love and relationships


The appearance of the Ace of Swords says that your relationship has a problem that has been bothering you and your partner for a long time. The card notifies you that you will find answers to your questions and ways out of an unpleasant situation soon. Enlightenment comes to your mind, and you get out of the fog of misunderstanding. Keep your mind open and think free. When you are aware of the full picture of relationships and see things from an objective point of view, you will be able to overcome the difficulties.

If you are not happy with the quality of your relationship, the Ace of Swords recommends an honest conversation with a partner. Explain your needs and expectations clearly. Be open to your loved one’s thoughts and feelings. So you can create a cozy and warm atmosphere for both of you.

If you are single, the Ace of Swords foreshadows a new relationship with a partner who has a similar vision of life. This relationship certainly has a promise since you found your soul mate. You will fall in love with a person, who you have an infinite number of topics for conversation with. Love relationship will develop easily and rapidly. If you want to return your ex, the Ace of Swords can tell you about your chances of success. It often heralds a reunion, especially if you have other positive cards in your Tarot reading.


If you are in a relationship and the Ace of Swords reversed appears, this means that you and your partner have problems and conflicts regularly. Most likely the reason is simple, you just do not talk enough. You do not have that level of trust to build quality and promising relationship. The problem may also be a misunderstanding. You and your partner do not share feelings, desires, and thoughts with each other. Honest and open dialogue can help you solve the issues.

In the worst case, the card in the reversed position speaks of a hidden feud within the couple. One of the partners is offended, and the problem is that you do not want or are afraid to talk about this. This can lead to very extreme quarrels and break up with negative feelings.

If you are single, the appearance of the Ace of Swords reversed speaks of a relationship with a person who has other views on life and relationships. For example, you want a serious partner, but your loved one has a relaxed attitude regarding you and love in general. Reverse options are possible. Anyway, this leads to endless quarrels and debates. If the problem is in your wrong approach, you should reprogram yourself for a healthy romantic relationship.

Ace of Swords for money and career


The Ace of Swords means a new job, project or stage of your career where you need the ability to convince people of the correctness of your ideas. Besides, you are a generator of creativity among colleagues and use your communication skills to explain your unique vision. The card is a sign of triumph and victory, so expect success from your new business. In financial terms, the Ace of Swords speaks of the need for deliberate spending. Try to avoid situations when you make investments based on emotional influences. If your friend asks for money to open a new project, but you understand that it risks becoming a failure, trust your mind and turn off this idea.


Expect career failures, if the Ace of Swords reversed appears. You are not interested enough and have no inspiration. Due to the fact that you cannot explain the essence of your ideas to others, you can not realize your plans. Teamwork also fails because of this. If you are expecting a hiring response, you will rather be denied. The card in a reversed position is a bad omen for business. To avoid financial troubles, double check all business agreements, investments, and contracts. You may have missed something, and it can turn into failure and loss of money.

Ace of Swords advice

You experience a strong flow of energy and generate ideas one by one. First, it is impossible to be realized in all directions, so be sure to focus on one thing. Communication is your main weapon in convincing people. Find out what topics your opponent prefers in advance. Use additional courses and books to learn public speaking skills.

Yes / No — Ace of Swords

Means victory and intense energy. Your mind is clear and open to fresh and unique ideas. The answer to your question is yes.