Ace of Cups — meaning for love, money and future

Ace of Cups — meaning for love, money and future

The Ace of Cups shows the hand that appears from the cloud. It is a symbol of spiritual strength and inner energy that directs you. Hand holds a cup with five streams of water. This is the physical image of your subconscious where the five streams are the five senses. Also, do not forget about the intense energy that flows from within. A pigeon going down to the cup means Divine love and a positive connection between the conscious and subconscious worlds. Water from the bowl spills into the lake filled with lotuses. Blooming flower symbolizes the awakening of the human spirit.

The card general meaning


The one who has the Ace of Cups is a unique vessel and owner of the gift from the Universe. Love and warmth overwhelm you, so share it with the world. Use the moment now to open up and get new emotions. Do not refuse the upcoming opportunities and love. Be kind to people. However, all Aces are just an invitation, and only you choose which path to choose. If you decide to accept gifts, do it with an open heart. The Ace of Cups also means the emergence of a new idea and inspiration.

The card often appears to those who are waiting for a new creative experience. Such situations allow trying unique emotions. Maybe you are participating in a new project or are learning what you have long wanted to explore. You are happy and want to share positive energy with others. The creative thoughts overwhelm you so feel free to spill it around.

The main message of the Ace of Cups is that it’s more important to give than to take. Use energy to help others. Your inner radiance and positive attitude encourage those around you. Remember that kindness is always rewarded. By giving, you will get even more in the end.


The Ace of Cup in the reversed position, unlike the upright card, means the self-care. Before sharing the love with the world, this wonderful feeling should also be inside in abundance. Do what is interesting to you. Fill every cell of the body with happiness and then life will become better. The reversed Ace of Cups is also about the harmony between man and the subconscious mind. Develop intuition and find ways to improve the effectiveness of the inner voice. Spend more time in private meditating to feel the connection with the subconscious.

Alternatively, the Ace of Cups reversed means that you hide your emotions from the outside world. You have reasons to do so, for example, you are afraid of the other’s reaction. However, the problem is that the limitation and containment of energy can lead to complete rejection from people. If the one hides his emotions deep inside for a long time, he becomes locked in. But what if he is not ready to open up? This is ok, but it is not recommended to wait until the right moment comes. Find ways to realize the feelings in other forms, such as art. Find a hobby like dancing or drawing, keep a diary where you can express your thoughts freely. Sometimes even screams of aggression in the car help to throw negative energy out.

Sometimes the reversed card means terrible news that brings a feeling of sadness and disappointment. In this case, the person also tries to distance himself from everyone. You may not be in the mood to communicate with people and attend social events. The unpleasant news that is predicted by the Ace of Cups may be a canceled celebration or party.

Ace of Cups for love and relationships


In fact, the Ace of Cup speaks of love, so the card appears to be a good sign of relationships. Expect a burst of romantic energy and be sure to share it with the partner. Now, it is a good moment to spend time together with a loved one. If you are a creative person, use love as a source of inspiration. A romantic date can turn into a new idea or an explosion of energy to achieve goals.

Sometimes the Ace of Cup means pregnancy or childbirth. Refer to other cards to get the exact answer. For example, Page of Cups or Four of Wands confirms the assumption. Alternatively, the card says about the upcoming celebration, for example, a wedding, baby shower or anniversary of a relationship.

If you are single, the Ace of Cups recommends being more sociable and friendly as the new relationship awaits you. The card predicts the appearance of wild emotions. Everyone wants to find a person who he can share special feelings with. The future relationship has a great chance to become that very magical connection between two hearts. Use the flow of energy to bright the life with new colors in the way it fills the river and helps the lotuses to bloom.


The Ace of Cups reversed means that you are not fully open to your partner. This may be due to problems in past relationships and betrayals that cause a person to be cautious and suspicious. Fear of being wounded again prevents from showing true feelings. The problem is that your partner feels the distrust and doesn’t want to open up too. It is an endless spiral that holds the relationship and even pulls it back. Do not be afraid and show what was hidden before. In the worst case, the Ace of Cups reversed means separation or divorce.

For single, the Ace of Cups in a reversed position indicates difficulties in finding the partner. Besides, the card means mistakes during past relationships, which led to separation each time. The problem is in fear of opening up. You are afraid to revile the soul as you think it will lead to the ridicule of the feelings. Guilt and disappointment of past love failures worsen the situation. Hiding emotions from others seems the only solution. However, it is not. Try to be more relaxed with a potential partner.

On the other hand, the Ace of Cups reversed claims that the problem is in high expectations and requirements. Unrealistic desires lead to disappointment. Be friendlier to potential partners and, please, note that we all are not perfect.

Ace of Cups for money and career


Speaking of career, the Ace of Cups is a good sign. The card means new features or promotion. It also means the upcoming opportunities and the emergence of a creative idea. Hard work will be rewarded, and the performer will get reorganization. The Ace of Cups also brings good news about the finances. Soon, you will learn that you have been approved for a loan or someone is going to finance your project.


The Ace of Cups reversed means feeling limited in the workplace. You feel depressed because you cannot realize your potential and are always under total control. Maybe, it is better to find another job. If you are awaiting a hiring response, this position will go to another one. Talking about money, the card foreshadows bad news and financing refusals.

Ace of Cups advice

In general, the card means success and satisfaction. However, this does not say that it’s time to relax. The Ace of Cups speaks of an intense concentration of energy that must find its way of realization. Immerse yourself in the subconscious world and intuition will help with a creative idea and direction of action. Share good things with people to get their support at the time when it will be needed.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Ace of Cups means satisfaction and connection to the inner world. Creativity and intuition help to achieve success. The card is also associated with new opportunities, relationships, or pregnancy (the emergence of a new human being). The answer to your question is yes.