Nine of Pentacles tarot card meanings

Nine of Pentacles shows a woman standing in front of the bushes. She is dressed in a luxurious golden robe and a bright red beret that symbolizes her wealth and high status in society. Tightly woven vines behind her hold not only heavy bunches of grapes but also nine golden coins. This is a sign that her work was very fruitful and now she can pick up the desired fruits. Her right hand quietly lies on one of the coins, which means her healthy interest in money and its proper management. A falcon in a hood sits peacefully on her left arm, which symbolizes her mind and heart control. In the background, you can see part of a huge castle, which belongs to a woman, which also refers to her wealth.



You have always dreamed of wealth and have worked hard for it. The appearance of the Nine of Pentacles says that it’s time to collect the fruits of your perseverance and ambitions. Now you can enjoy material benefits and luxurious life. Make yourself a nice gift or at least a celebration in your honor. You totally deserve it. If you have not yet reached the result that you want, in any case, take a break and reward yourself for work that is already behind. This will help you to gather strength for the final breakthrough.

The Nine of Pentacles also hints at gaining financial independence. The woman on the front side of the card came to luxurious life by herself. She learned the necessary skills, motivated herself and directed her actions to get the result. She inspires you to do the same. Make every effort to gain independence for many years. Use your intelligence and knowledge to make the right decisions and make deliberate investments. The essence of independence is not to ask for help, so rely only on yourself.

The suit of Pentacles talks about the material side of our life and wealth, but this card also says about inner harmony. You enjoy your surroundings and are inspired by the infinity of nature. Spend more time in the gardens, on a picnic or start floristry. This will help your spiritual enrichment and give a new flow of energy.


The card in a reversed position advises you to reflect on your importance to your loved ones, colleagues and society as a whole. On the one hand, you are not sure that you “fit” the world, not sure about your abilities, whether you are worth more wages and better conditions of life. Services that you provide to the community or at work are worth more than what you are taking now. Remember that your work deserves more and you are completely worthy of having a luxurious life.

The reversed Nine of Pentacles recommends working on your sense of self-value. Please yourself with expensive things, clothes, care and gentle attitude to yourself. If you cannot afford the extra spending, make yourself happy with small things to feel worthy of the best.

The Nine of Pentacles reversed also appears when you are busy with your work and cannot find time to relax and appreciate the fruits of your labor. Remember that your health is more important than wealth and you should spend time recovering and recharging. You have already achieved a lot, enjoy the luxury that you have created; it’s best to change the location and go to a natural setting.

You may also need to think about your values. Previously, you appreciated wealth and luxury, but were not happy, because the most important thing you need is a family. Put finances in second place and spend more time with your loved ones.

9 of Pentacles for love and relationships


The appearance of the Nine of Pentacles means stability in relationships and pursuit of the same goals. You strive in one direction, which undoubtedly brings you closer and makes your relationship stronger. If you have your own business or are working on a personal project, your partner is an excellent help and support for you. If you have been together for a long time and have been working hard to develop the relationship and establish financial stability for years, now you can enjoy the rest and harmony. Arrange a romantic trip as a reward. This will also help bring back the feeling of the first months of falling in love. Depending on the other cards in your Tarot reading, it can mean pregnancy or childbirth.

If you are single, the Nine of Pentacles says that you are enjoying your bachelor life. Alternatively, it may mean that soon you will meet a woman with the features of this Minor Arcana card. This elegant, charismatic, stylish and respected lady is very independent, has an excellent intellect that has helped her to achieve a lot. You should think twice before starting the relationship since she does not play and has very mature desires. If you still want to be with such a woman, the first thing you have to do is earn her respect.


The Nine of Pentacles reversed means that your relationship does not have financial stability. Someone in your couple manages the budget incorrectly, goes into debts, and wants to get everything doing nothing. This causes conflicts between you and your partner and leads to lies.

The card in this position often appears in the case when you are in a relationship not out of love. For example, if you got married just for money or status. The Nine of Pentacles is also an indication that you and your partner put only material or spiritual values above all. In both cases, this is the wrong approach, and you should talk to each other to reconsider your values.

If you are single, the Nine of Pentacles reversed means that you are looking for a person who can provide you financially, no matter if you are in love with him. On the other hand, you have a potential partner who is more interested in your wealth than in you. This person lacks elegance, style, and grace. The card can mean prostitute or gold digger. If you are a rich man, protect yourself from harmful relationships.

Nine of Pentacles for money and career


The Nine of Pentacles is an excellent omen for your career and brings rewards for your work and professionalism. If you own your business, the card means a moment of success and regular profit. All that you have right now you have received by hard work, now you can relax and taste the fruits. The card means retirement for mature people, the time when you can enjoy what you deserve over the years. The Nine of Pentacles means financial abundance, independence, and stability. Perhaps, it is time to make investments to provide a comfortable retirement. The card also indicates the possible purchase of a new house or land.


The appearance of the Nine of Pentacles reversed in your financial tarot means your unwillingness to work for success. Therefore, you expect failure. On the other hand, it may mean that you are a workaholic who deprives himself of rest. For your business, the card may be a warning of possible fraud and theft by a person you trust. Increase the security level and double check what you sign and who your potential partners are. The card means financially reckless, excess spending, and lack of stability. You do not have material independence and protection. You should abandon the risky deals and investments. Also, do not trust the “quick enrichment” programs and shady schemes.

Card advice

The card says about the right approach to work and money. Work to achieve wealth, but do not overdo it. After receiving the money, use it as a reward to provide some rest, but remember that this is not the only source of pleasure. Be wise, make deliberate decisions, protect and multiply your wealth.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Nine of Pentacles has a positive meaning for your finances and speaks of a long-awaited reward. The appearance of the card speaks of financial and spiritual independence. The answer to your question is yes.