The Eight of Swords tarot card meaning

At first glance it may seem that the Eight of Swords shows a bound young woman in a sword cage; her eyes are blindfolded. The poor girl is trapped in her thoughts and expectations, which prevents her from moving forward. However, this is not entirely true. The girl can get out of the situation if she removes her blindfold and realizes that nothing is holding her. She must leave behind her limited beliefs and set more promising hopes to achieve better results. The land, which she stands on, is wet and she knows about it because she feels it with her legs, but not sees with her eyes. This is a sign that intuition understands more than sight.

General Interpretation

Upright position

The Eight of Swords in your tarot means circumstances trap you. Something is suppressing you and depriving you of thoughts about a positive future. Most likely you have a disputed boss at work, toxic relationships at home or debts, which make you think that there is no way out. However, you, as well as the girl on the card, can get out of the cage. You have to realize that it is possible and act.

Remember that the only thing that limits you is your thoughts and beliefs. The Eight of Swords is a sign that you must stop standing still and look at the circumstances with fear. Start with your worldview and ideals. Negative thoughts attract negative results. A positive view always leads to good things. Besides, you also have resources and opportunities that you only need to find and understand how to use. The Eight of Swords talks about a victim mentality and a subconscious desire to be limited. You are not aware of your guilt and waiting for salvation doing nothing. Remember that you are not powerless and can get out of prison by yourself.

Alternatively, the card indicates a challenging situation. You have two options: move in a risky but possibly favorable direction or stand still. In this case, the Eight of Swords recommends forgetting about fears and using your intuition. Your thoughts may tempt you to do the wrong things, but your inner voice will never let you down.

Reversed position

The Eight of Swords reversed means that you set your own limits that hinder your progress. You find yourself unworthy of wealth, happiness and a healthy lifestyle. As an excuse, you use your made-up flaws, for example, your age: not young enough or too old for a new job, sports, etc. Chase negative thoughts from yourself; they are blocking you. If you have not been able to achieve your goal in a long time, be sure that the problem is in you.

Have you ever heard of an internal critic? This is a voice in your head that constantly talks about the mistakes of everything you do and adds uncertainty to you. The Eight of Swords reversed means that you have a negative opinion about yourself and your skills. Also, your past behavior and belief system are keeping you from moving in front. Clear yourself from the old and look at the world from a fresh angle.

The reversed Eight of Swords also appears when you are on the right path of understanding a new belief system. Difficult times have pushed you to change, and now you are ready for self-acceptance. Leave limiting thoughts behind and start creating a new positive reality. Use past mistakes as lessons to improve the future. Stop feeling like a victim and take things into your own hands.

Eight of Swords — love


If you are in a relationship and the Eight of Swords appeared in your love Tarot reading, this is a bad sign. You feel trapped or backed into a corner. Love seems like a prison for you, and you feel powerless to escape. In the worst case, your relationship is filled with quarrels, dramas and negative energy. You prefer to stay at work or with friends than to return home. However, remember that you will never find a way out if you consider yourself a helpless victim and do nothing. Take time for your problem, and you will definitely find a way to escape. Contact special organizations for help if it’s needed.

Alternatively, the Eight of Swords means judgment. The appearance of the card suggests that in case you cheated on your partner, this will become clear to him soon. If you suspect your partner is not loyal, you will receive evidence in the near future. Other cards of your Tarot reading can indicate the outcome.

If you are single, the Eight of Swords says that you are waiting for a partner who can help you solve your current problems. But this is not the right approach as no one will make you happy except you. If you are only looking for a defender, you can miss good variants and get a relationship where you depend on a partner. Before you find love, you must get inner harmony and fix your life.


The Eight of Swords reversed may appear to those people who have relationship problems due to unfounded fears. The card symbolizes the awareness of these difficulties and the progress in the fight against them. This can be considered a good sign. In case, you have been trying to break out of unhappy relationships for a long time, but something has been holding you back, you will lose the barriers and free yourself soon.

Alternatively, the appearance of the Eight of Swords reversed can mean depression. Perhaps, some external factors weaken or annoy you, which bring negative energy to the relationship. The problem can also be in your partner, for example, he often offends you, bringing you to an extreme state.

If you are single, the Eight of Swords appearance means overcoming fears that have been holding you in love sphere for a long time. Your anxiety is behind, and you feel a flow of energy and power. The card can also mean the opposite. Your fears overwhelm you and prevent you from finding a partner. Supporting cards can help determine the exact meaning.

8 Swords — money


The card says your feeling of being limited in the workplace. You are stuck in one place and cannot move as you are trapped. However, the Eight of Swords reminds that you are the master of your own destiny. Hating your job will not improve your situation. You need to find a favorable direction and follow it. Most likely your financial situation is also bothering you. The problem is more in your approach, but not in the amount of money. Instead of complaining, find a creative way to earn more. The world is full of opportunities for different people and talents, so never give up.


If 8 of Swords reversed is in your career Tarot, this is a good sign. Now, you learn how to overcome stress and negative thoughts, which improves the quality of your work. You may have changed your job and left behind resentment and failures along with the previous workplace. Alternatively, this Minor Arcana card can symbolize the aggravation of your anxiety and strong career dissatisfaction. However, it can also be solved. Realize the essence of the problem and begin to act to remove it. Remember that you can always leave. In a financial Tarot spread, the card means an improvement of your situation due to the realization of your fears insignificance. You are better to start saving for a rainy day.

Eight of Swords advice

Sometimes we all experience stressful situations, but most of them are solvable. But if you sit still and wait for a savior, you will never get rid of the problems. Start with yourself and your way of thinking. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and you will feel a surge of energy and strength. Use intuition to make difficult decisions.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Eight of Swords talks about obstacles and limitations. The card is associated with the fear of failure and has a negative tone. The answer to your question is no.