Six of Swords meaning

The Six of Swords shows a woman and her child using the boat to get to the nearest bank across the river. Mother and child are covered with a shawl, which means that they are sad and try to get away from the past. Perhaps they had a significant loss. The kid snuggles up to mother in search of safety, as there are only two of them in this journey. However, they have six swords in a boat along with them, which means old memories and baggage that they have to carry to the future.

The water on the right side of the boat is turbulent, but a calm river is ahead of them. This is a clear symbol of the fact that they have already gone through all the frightening situations and now the peaceful environment awaits them.

General meaning in reading by position


The appearance of the Six of Swords means a period of transition in your life. Updates and changes, for example, a new home, relationships, work, etc., await you. It also means mental development. Maybe this is your decision or something forces you to make such a decision. Although you are sad for the past, changes will bring you to a positive result and personal growth. Soon, you will get used to the new “I,” the way of living, people and the environment.

The Six of Swords recommends getting rid of the fear of losing the past and thinking about the future. When making a decision, consider options with a long-term perspective. The card is a sign of meaningful action and choices. Use the inner voice and accept the fact that sometimes you have to compromise. A higher position awaits you, but you must stop looking back as you can miss this opportunity. Better think about what kind of person you want to become and what is needed for this. This is a great chance to revise your beliefs and attitude.

Significant changes leave a feeling of heavy baggage on the shoulders. The six swords on a boat is a sign of the past that prevents you from switching to a new phase of life. It can slow mental development and personal growth. You must find these “swords” and make an effort to “throw them overboard.” These can be relationships, patterns, habits, memories, etc. Remember that a new future cannot exist along with thoughts of the past. Decide what you want to take with you, and what is best to leave behind.


The appearance of the reversed Six of Swords is a sign of spiritual transformation in Tarot. You doubt the personal beliefs, the behavioral patterns and the surrounding people. It is time to go on a solo journey to understand yourself and discover a new view. The card recommends not to be afraid and take steps forward without thinking about the past. Decide on the desired direction of development and make it work for your benefit.

Sometimes, the Six of Swords reversed indicates that you feel the need for change due to certain circumstances, but you avoid it. For example, you think that the problem will be solved will go away on its own and you just have to wait. You just shy away from an important decision. Fear of leaving the comfort zone is natural for people, but it prevents development. However, it is impossible to achieve personal growth without transitions. If you have already begun your journey, do not be intimidated by discomfort, but take it as a sign of change.

Alternatively, the reversed Six of Swords suggests that you avoid change because you think that this is not your decision and you are forced. For example, you have to move to another city because of a new job and leave your parents and friends in your hometown. Remember the positive aspects and do not hold on to the past. Be flexible and find benefits anytime, anywhere.

The Six of Swords reversed also means that something prevents you from going forward and changing. Most likely you have unfinished business or relationship. Find this problem and evaluate it as an important lesson that can help you in your new life after the transition period.

Six of Swords for love and relationships


If you are in a relationship, the Six of Swords means calm waters after a storm. Most likely, your couple had a series of quarrels or a big scandal, which, fortunately, is over. Now both of you are going through a process of forgiveness and healing. This is the beginning of promising relationships where partners exist in harmony. Make sure you spend enough time together to maximize your chances of success. Communication is a great way to resolve all disputes and discuss future plans finally.

Alternatively, the Six of Swords means a trip. It could be a new house, a romantic journey just for you two or traveling with friends. The card states that this may be an opportunity for one of you to start a new period in life.

If you are single, the Six of Swords represents a successful healing process. You have experienced a problematic break-up that still causes sad memories, but you are already at the finish line to a new life. If you are still lost and are thinking about your ex, there is almost no chance of his return, so concentrate on recovering. You have passed through difficult times and now deserve harmony and love. Your next partner will be interested in creating a healthy relationship.


If you are in a relationship, the Six of Swords reversed means temporary difficulties. You and your partner often quarrel, and your conflict only grows because of this. You’re in the middle of the storm. The heated atmosphere makes you vulnerable, exhausted and trapped. Lack of progress makes you think about the need for the relationship, and you consider break-up as an option. However, remember that calm waters will come once and you can rich them faster with the help of the dialogue.

Alternatively, the Six of Swords in a reversed position means a person who wants to harm your couple or even destroy your relationship. If you have been together for a long time and are thinking about getting married, perhaps one of the partners is afraid of it. The reversed card means to escape from the wedding.

If you are single, the Six of Swords reversed means stagnation in your love life. Because of a bad experience in the past, you cannot start a new relationship without healing old wounds. However, it’s harder and slower than it’s needed because you do not allow yourself this. Do not think that new love is what you need now as you risk jumping from one boiling river to another.

Six of Swords for money and career


The Six of Swords means finding stability and calm in the workplace. Difficult period and difficult tasks behind, now you can slow down as a smooth flow to the goal await you further. You may have found a job that is more attractive and easier for you. Alternatively, a card means a business trip or relocation related to work. If you had financial problems, the Six of Swords means their end. However, do not expect things to be solved magically, rely only on yourself and do not shift your money issues to others. If your finances are okay, do not rush to spend them all on senseless purchases. It can also mean a storm in this case, so refer to the supporting cards for a more accurate prediction.


The Six of Swords reversed means that someone always brings trouble at work and you experience stress like during a storm. You feel trapped and don’t know how to move your career forward. Your plans are constantly failing. Delays in putting a project or report depress you and annoy the boss. The nearest business trip can be canceled or rescheduled. For finance, the card in the reversed position means that you avoid money problems. You do not know how to handle bills and debts, so you prefer just to run away from responsibility. If you cannot control your finances on your own, seek advice from an expert.

Six of Swords advice

The Six of Swords appears to those who hold on to the past and cannot move into the future. Leave the memories behind and go to success. If you have experienced difficult times and become stable, give yourself time to recover.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

The Six of Swords is a symbol of escape from troubles for a more positive future. The answer to your question is yes.