The three of cups meaning in reversed and upright position

The Three of Cups shows three girls dancing in a circle. They raise their cups up as if they are making a toast. Young women look at each other with respect and joy, which symbolizes their friendship and spiritual bond. They raise cups to celebrate the victory, which is possible due to the contribution of each girl. Flowers and pumpkins are a sign of a good life and an attribute of celebration.

General meaning


The Three of Cups is about collaboration, friendship, especially sisterhood, and celebration. Friends or family members work together to achieve success. Cooperation can be expressed in support. A great example is the four female characters in Sex and the City. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha are friends, who are always there for one another and help each other in career and relationships. They are a definition of BFF.

The card is an invitation to arrange a meeting with friends and have a great time. Laugh, dream and create. Each team member brings something unique. This is a great way to exchange energy. The Three of Cups can mean a girls-only party or a weekend away for like-minded people. A good company can do incredible things together. The card may also indicate a collaboration for the sake of a common goal. Individuals gather to share ideas and energy.

The Three of Cups is a creative card. This indicates a person’s desire to learn an art. The best way is to try a group dance or drawing classes. It also helps find like-minded people to exchange energy.

Besides, the Three of Cups foreshadow a large number of celebrations. Birthdays, weddings and holidays season are coming. The card gives you the opportunity to have fun and forget about the day-to-day routine. It also speaks of a period of increased sociability and new dates.


The upright Three of Cups is a card of friendship, but the reversal position indicates an independent journey. The person was very sociable earlier and now prefers to be alone. The reasons may be different from the desire to separate from noisy companies to disappointment in people. Loneliness helps to clear the mind and determines the actual needs of man.

Perhaps there is a need to leave the team due to an incompatibility of views. This is especially true for work. The reversed Three of Cups warns that some team members are aggressively promoting their ideas. It often happens that colleagues do not agree with progressive innovations and ignore the person who offers them. In this case, the one must leave the project or business for independent actions or learn to defend his beliefs.

Alternatively, the Three of Cups reversed excessive use of alcohol, drugs, etc. The person is very sociable and partying a lot. Such a lifestyle upsets the balance and clouds the mind. The one must give up this to restore energy and health. Good sleep, proper diet and time alone speed up the recovery process. The person should think about longer-term consequences and not allow temporary pleasures to knock down.

Three of Cups for love


The Three of Cups is a celebration card. It does not matter whether the person is in a relationship or not, weddings or engagements are coming his way. For singles, it’s a great way to have fun and meet a new potential partner. For couples, this can mean not only attending the event but also having their own wedding. Anniversaries or partners’ birthdays are also possible. Girls can expect a romantic proposal.

If a person is in a relationship, the Three of Cups is a good sign. Both partners act as a team and complement each other. They find support and help in each other. The couple spends a lot of time together and leads an active lifestyle. They are regular guests at friends’ parties. In the case of conflict or unfinished quarrel, the card means its end.

For singles, the Three of Cups means the unexpected appearance of someone from the past. This can be an ex, former friend or classmate. This may turn into a few romantic dates, a small romance or a serious relationship. If the person has long been single, the card foreshadows a large number of admirers. The one was lonely because he did not have suitable options earlier, but now he can’t choose among the abundance of potential partners.


For a couple, the Three of Cups reversed is a bad sign. First, this means that upcoming romantic events or celebrations, like a wedding, will be canceled. Also, the relationship is in danger since the third party is trying to break it. It could be someone, who spreads nasty rumors about the couple. On the other hand, the card can mean a hypocritical friend, who seduces one of the partners while being kind to another one. Watch your back!

Besides, the Three of Cups reversed can talk about betrayal. Supporting cards should indicate a more accurate prediction in this case. For example, if the person also has the Five of Swords, then he knows or guesses about deception. The Three of Cups in a reversed position may also symbolize an unhealthy relationship. The card is very undesirable for those who aren’t ready or don’t want children. When it’s reversed, it predicts an unplanned pregnancy. Partners should be concerned about contraception.

For those who are single, the Three of Cups reversed means relationships that won’t last long. The beginning can be romantic, and things will be going fast, but it will end in fiasco. This can also indicate dating a person, who is taken, whether it’s known or not. In addition, the card can mean a reunion with a person from the past. However, it will also end in separation with discomfort after.

Three of Cups for money and work


The Three of Cups means a celebration event because of the person’s career successes. For example, graduation from a training course, a successful launch of a business, etc. All participants get together to be happy for a common cause. The card can also mean only the beginning of a big project that has gathered a lot of creative people. Teamwork goes , and each member makes a unique contribution. Speaking of personal achievements, the Three of Cups foreshadows a promotion or advantageous offer. For finances, the card indicates the expected costs associated with organizing celebrations. However, there is no need to worry since bonuses and rewards for good work will pay for it.


The Three of Cups reversed means bad teamwork. Colleagues behave hypocritically smiling to one’s face while planning sabotage or destruction of the person’s project. So it is best to move away and work independently. The card also symbolizes rumors in the workplace. Don’t allow yourself to go down to discuss the dirty laundry of others and don’t pay attention to rumors about you. A launch or celebration of the project may be canceled. About finances, the Three of Cups reversed means overspending, so the person must control his purchases. Besides, the person may experience stress because of the lost money since the created celebration was canceled.

Three of Cups advice

The card speaks of achievements and abundance. Share the joy of victory with friends, loved ones or colleagues. Now is the best time for teamwork. Being in the circle of like-minded people, a person feels support and understanding. The Three of Cups invites the one to immerse himself in art and do group classes.

3 of cups: Yes or No answer

The answer to your question is yes. The Three of Cups symbolizes cooperation and sharing a victory with loved ones. The card is associated with celebration and happiness.